About Us

We live on 10acres in Kureelpa, which is located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.   I have owned large breed dogs for over 25 years and been envolved in showing them for almost 20, My First introduction to Bullmstiffs was back in the mid ninety's whilst showing Rottweilers. Although there were not many Bullmastiffs  being shown in Brisbane at this time, the few that were, always caught my eye.  It was not until some years later that I purchased my first Bullmastiff girl.  Many people said to me that I wouldnt be able to stop at just one, which was so true as I am now completely addicted and  could not imagine ever living without my gorgeous Bullmastiffs as a part of our family. I was introduced to French Bulldogs through a Bullmastiff Breeder Friend who also shows and Breeds French Bulldogs. I fell in  love with these little clown like dogs from the first moment I saw them and knew that I would one day add one to my family when the time was right. Like the Bullmastiffs, Frenchies are very addictive as well and I am now owned by both of these beautiful breeds. 

We are very passionate about  Bullmastiffs & French Bulldogs  and are committed to preserving the integrity of both these wonderful breeds. We will only breed occasionally  when we feel that we can produce quality dogs which will be sound in health and possess superb temperaments from proven lines. We do not breed to supply the pet home market. We only breed when we are looking for a new member to add to our show team.  

If you have any questions about either of these  wonderful breeds or just want to have a chat please give me a call as I am always happy to help in any way I possibly can.

Contact Details

Jodi Johnston
Kureelpa, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0754764702 M: 0402307853
Email : [email protected]